Jun. 18th, 2009

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We officially closed on our house yesterday, and so in the evening we started moving things in. We, uh, didn't get very far (having no furniture didn't help). But we're not really living there until the end of this month, so that's okay.

It was as nice as I remembered, except the basement, which isn't very nice (although it was better than I remembered, since all the boxes that had been in there were moved out). Fortunately, we probably won't need the basement for much besides laundry for a long time, since from the top two floors alone we've at least quadrupled our living space. By the time we might actually want to use the basement for something, we'll probably be able to afford to fix it up a little.

What was really awesome, though, was getting another chance to check out the neighborhood. We had dinner with my parents at the nice restaurant two blocks down the street, which turned out not to be super-expensive, although still more than we can regularly afford now, and delicious. The small grocery store half a block away had more than I remembered it having, including some paper goods which we desperately needed. We saw signs for a "tea shop" in the same complex that the restaurant was in, although I didn't see the shop itself. There's also a cafe/bakery with wifi about a block away.

And the most exciting discovery of the night was a small, locally-owned bookstore about two blocks away. With a special ordering service and a frequent-buyer plan. Which sells Tezuka*. (Also, it turns out the woman who was working there is one of our neighbors.) This store is in addition to the comics/game store about a 10 minute drive away.

...Yeah, I think we're going to enjoy living here :D.

*They in fact had volume 5 of Black Jack, making us realize we were a bit behind on it, so Matt purchased it and also ordered vol. 4. I also saw MW.


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