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I got an interview at Wash U's MSTP, too! And while it's probably my last choice (by location only, and hell if I'm going to indicate anything to that effect while I'm there - it's the 3rd best research medical school in the country, fer cryin' out loud), it's a pretty awesome interview set-up.

Looks like it's almost exactly the same as Penn's in terms of how the interview session is conducted, but with some nice extra perks: free airfare, hotel, and meals. Thus, interviewing even if I don't want to go there - it's at literally no cost to myself.

Whee!! Okay, now what's up with you, Stanford??


Oct. 9th, 2008 01:06 pm
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Wheee! I got an interview! Interview!!

It's at Penn, which is not exactly my top choice, but at least it's not straight-out somewhere I or Matt would be unhappy. It's also for the MD-PhD program (as opposed to simply an MD program), which is what I want anyway.

Only problem? It knocks out two of the Pirates performances. Uh...Might be okay, I'm just in the chorus! Right?

EDIT: Got it rescheduled - to Jan. 29/30th. Holy crap that's a long ways away. But at least I'm not missing performances now!


Aug. 21st, 2008 11:11 am
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The more I learn about Stanford's MSTP (and plain MD) program, the more I like it. Sigh. I'm just setting myself up for greater disappointment, aren't I?
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U of Minnesota reduced its medical school requirements, getting rid of psychology and biochemistry (and reducing/generalizing most of its other requirements). Still not my top choice, but good to know if it's the only place I get in that at least I don't have to take extra courses before I enroll.
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I took the US History SAT II? Why on earth would I have done such a thing?

Also, I can't believe the College Board actually still has my scores...

Also also, why the heck do we need our SAT II scores for medical school??


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